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I was very nervous going to my appointment but it was a great experience and I would recommend this wonderful doctor and staff to everyone! Very thorough and explained everything very well.

Beth F.

Very happy the Dr. and the whole office.

Ron D.

What a great experience, will definitely go back and recommend to EVERYONE!!! Way Groovy Dr. and Nurses!!! Thank you for making a nerve racking procedure wayyyyy easier than I expected it to be!!!

Amy S.

Very caring about their Patients and explain things very well! Awesome Dr. and Nurses!

Paul S.

Great job as always,

Diane S.

Dr. was kind and patient with my father and took very good care of his diabetic foot health! - Cynthia

James J.


Maryette L.

The Dr. was very kind, gentle, and wanting to engage in conversation. The nursing staff was very happy, welcoming, and very helpful.

Chase P.

Dr. Andrew McCall and his staff, are so amazing. I had to have foot surgery and DR McCall is just awesome!! I would recommend them highly

Lynn H.

Caring, professional and helpful.

Marilynn K.

Dr McCall is a very good Doctor. I have been seeing him for six years.

Colleen B.

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